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More process.

I tested two different fabric for my project, one is leather and other one is black denim fabric.
leather looks nice, but I personally like black more and denim was so much easier to saw with the sawing machine that I have.

I will post my final form after the presentation


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Process of Final Project

I got my components from recordable message card and should works perfect for my design! cimg3307

I have to clean the mother board? and all components before using it, it was glued (hot glued) together at first =_=;;

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Idea for Final Project2

I looked into my childhood memory to connect the idea of “Diary” and my culture.
and I came up one thing.
which is an Exchange Diary!
Exchange Diary (交換日記) is a popular activity in Japanese culture, people share notebook
between friends who takes it in turns to write in their thoughts or other comments.

I really like the idea of “exchange” and tried to connect that with “recording”. I came up to design/make “exchangeable voice recording bracelet”.
It is very straightforward but I never seen this before. We do have phone or skype to connects people each other but that requires “internet”. There are lots to add if I want make it to high-tech bracelet such as LED screen, wireless network system and so on.
I want a similar thing but drag it down to the analog level. I want limit the method of “exchange” so that people need to see each other face to face, which we need more on these days.

I decide to use “bracelet” form to make it unisex and casual.
The reason I chose bracelet form is that I felt that bracelet has less “gender”
element in it. “Gender” often makes a difficulty for user to access the device or
My components are able to embed into any type of fabric/textile such as necktie, ribbon,
and more. But if it embed into a specific type of cloth or item, then users need to wear
it to record the voice, which makes people to be “prepared” to record and also it
limits the chance of recording. I want people to wear my design/product casually,
almost forget about wearing such technology or device.

Textile will be a huge element of my design, because often people (at least I)
feel comfortable and relax when we touch fabric. Even the texture will totally
feel different from metal or plastic but I think it still fits to users’ fashion
style, and probably fits to my concept more.

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Idea for my Final Project

I feel a little awkward about posting my idea/concept a day before the presentation, but whatever, this post(s) will be my process instead of showing during the class time.

*very long and no needs to read everything*

From very beginning of the class, I wanted to make a “thing” that able to record and share it with someone. I already had an idea around the technology part, but not really sure about the “wearable” part.
I decided to put “wearable” at side of my mind and start research about the existing product or service, history about recording or memory.

We record our activities in different media, such as photos, videos, and sound.
Photo used to be an expensive leisure activities, but people took photos to record their precious memories to keep it. It will stay even we forget about that events. And those whole activities were precious for them.

Now photo shooting became casual, many of us have digital cameras.
We take photos all the time to record our activities. We now use internet to exchange those photos or videos. Internet makes us able to connect with friends without seeing each other. Many Social Network Services such as Facebook are encourage users to upload photos and videos and “tag” friends so that we are able to share it online.

I understands that and I use Facebook a lot to communicate each other. However, I often feel we no longer have any privacy or personal space.
I feel same thing for blogging, my understanding of blog is record daily activity online and share with others. To me, diary is very personal activity, and have to be analog or offline. Because diary is the “world” which created by the writer and contains both positive and negative thoughts or memory of the writer. Look the Diary of Anne Frank, she wrote about her family (both good and bad) , her relatives, her fear, and about her love too. Diary is only place where writer can write whatever he/she wants to write.

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long time no see

I apologize that I haven’t update my blog for more than 2 month
I totally didn’t notice that last update was in February. TIme goes so fast, I don’t remember what I was working on after February till now :p

I have several photos of LilyPad Project, so I will talk about that.
but I don’t know how much I should write about this project…
The project is very simple and easy, just blink the LED light using LilyPad.
(LilyPad is the wearable and washable e-textile technology)

LilyPad is very interesting and has certain potential towards to the wearable art and design, it makes “technology” more closer to us. However, it still needs knowledge about the programming and is still difficult to touch or use from nothing. So this project was great opportunity to experience and learn about.

I worked this project with Dana, and we decided to make human heartbeats!
so here is the process? photo of him. It is little looks like voodoo doll or cursing someone but it’s not.

we were provided the basic blinking programming code from Suzi, but we decided to change a little bit of that, to make it more heartbeat-ish.
I recorded the blinking, but I don’t know how to upload this to the blog,
I will figure out later hope be before semester ends 😉

I don’t think we had serious problem while working this,
but it was little difficult to upload the program file from PC to LilyPad.

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16 Wild Materials You Find in Future Products

16 Wild Materials You Find in Future Products

I found interesting article? that talks about new material
which is completely different from what we do have now.

Very Futuristic!

This is a Temperature sensitive glass tiles

Conductive hook and loop

Magnetic Ink

electro paperelectronic paper

More on following link

I thikn those are very straight forward, no need to explain.
and I can’t explain how its working :p

But definitely those will be new possibilities for our future design.

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Snow rabbit T-shirt

Yukiusagi(snow rabbit) is a small rabbit made out of snow, something like snowman. Use red nandina berry for eyes and bamboo leaves for ears.

Its hardly to see snow in my hometown,(once a year or less) and once we had snow, it was a HUGE event for us (both positive and negative). I always make snow rabbit when I was small and wanted to keep forever.
I putted it in my freezer to keep it but sadly it gets smaller and smaller, finally it disappeared.

I remember that I was so sad and depressing about it and even now I feel nostalgic and melancholy feeling about it. (I feel same way with snowman and balloons)


This is the original image of my design.
simple/iconic shape of snow rabbit.

and vinyl cut

*I don’t have photos while silkscreening but what I did was put vinyl on the screen and use usual technique.

I use Black ink (somehow its brownish colour) Theoretically, should completely vanish, but it just turn into light-pink colour … (=_=;


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